PeckerPunks are NFTs with a Mission to Increase Testicular Cancer Awareness!

We are donating 50% of each NFT sale to our official partners, the Testicular Cancer Society, until we reach our goal of $84,115! These funds will go to testicular cancer fighters, survivors, and caregivers!

Total Fundraising:
$2,550.87 USDC
*Manually updated upon completion of official daily count. View the Testicular Cancer Society's wallet here.
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About This Project
Our goal will be achieved, not when 10,000 NFTs are minted, but when 10,000 dudes check their balls!

Check your balls!

  • The largest population of people who buy NFTs are guys age 14-35
  • Testicular cancer is the most common type of cancer found in men age 15-35
  • Scoring a rare NFT is great, but being cancer-free is even better!
Awareness Center
Fair Mint

Everyone who mints a PeckerPunk will have a fair opportunity to snag a rare NFT; we've partnered with Nexus Crypto Services to create a 100% randomized minter. Each NFT is unique and will be owned by only one individual. Keep your NFT in your wallet, or put it up for sale on a marketplace such as OpenSea.

Meaningful Partnerships

Astronaut Labs partnered with the Testicular Cancer Society to bring you PeckerPunks. Beyond being a collectable NFT series, this project is meant to be an awareness campaign. By minting these NFTs, you will help us in our goal of raising $84,115 for the Testicular Cancer Society.

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